Trends, Topics and Values

The year 2020 is magical in number and magical in energy.

And the issues at hand take another tone, a greener, more sustainable tone, more in tune as if the world was looking for peace and harmony and inclusion …

Reading the experts in 2020 trends and being myself director of a congress in March About Collective Intelligence ( I wanted to share trends, topics and Values ​​that will affect us all this year.

Every written and oral medium mentions Artificial Intelligence, but in a more collaborative, not so competitive tone, it seems that robots and Co-botisation are terminologies that pass from young people to older people with confidence and without fear, the fear that made us ignore this unstoppable trend from 2014-2015 when articles on the subject began to invade us and humanoids were presented in society ..

Cars and the famous car pooling of a decade ago are no longer news because the car has been transformed into Mobility in any format; there is talk not about cars but how to get from A to B in the fastest way possible.

Another exciting concept that affects the whole society is Speed, the “Give me a lot of information in the shortest possible time” that is, coherent, concise, clear messages. I love the phrase of the Alpha generation: Catch me in seconds… or lose me.

Big Data, that Black and Dark concept, becomes accepted. Customize privately, a new concept where digital segmentation makes you feel private and personally served because you only get what adds value to you.

The fact of “staying home” is also changing; distractions, shopping, TV to use, home automation, virtual assistants really build a world around us that makes us leave less and less with the consequences that this brings to the socio-economic environment around us changing consumption.

And the search for customers and audience targets is creating inclusiveness, for races, ethnicities, cultures, religions, generations where brands are clearly promoting inclusion in various ways, thus increasing the groups and new segments of use and consumption.

Together with inclusiveness, I liked the revival of the “Glocal”, a famous term decades ago and that returns adapted to religions, races and cultures that live intermingled in this global world and that we must be able to “serve” locally but with global tastes.

And sustainability, driven by environmentalists, biologists and futurists, now for all generations who want to breathe, live and enjoy a better future … unable to visualize a war or periods of hardship, visualize futures without pollution, protected nature and marine species … Sustainability is already a determining factor for the choice of a consumer.

Reading about 2020, I reaffirm my Values ​​that I shared in my last Blog where Wellbeing (holistically understood) and Respect will be a priority in my Mission of service to others, satisfaction in the Client Experience, and especially in my support for sustainable ecosystems: company, people, values.[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.0.9″ text_text_color=”#000000″ text_font_size=”18px”]Embrace the Present and the Future!!

¡¡Connect and Trust!!

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