Business consultant in transformation, innovation, and change processes.

My Focus is Challenge

Results through Talent, Innovation and Simplification

External business Consultant

Consultoría estratégica externa para ayudar al equipo directivo a analizar, establecer estrategias y planificar retos concretos.

In-house business consultant

In-House consulting services to manage complex projects and to assist in the implementation of change processes.
Every organisation faces continuous Challenge. It needs to adapt, innovate, and progress.

To review and question the business model, the cost structure, margins, processes, teams, blocked projects or relegated ones…sometimes, the only way is to have external professional assistance.

Margins are reducing and the costs of distribution are increasing?

Your business model no longer responds to the needs of the consumer?

The team is multigeneration and does not share the same Values?

You have future projects but you are missing resources, leadership and management?

You need to incorporate a key Executive or Role temporarily?

Do you need a change, innovation or transformation of your business?

Interim management

Temporary or partial replacement of key management positions in the organization. Project Management.

External business consultant

Ad hoc business consulting, project management,  excubation projects, practical expert advice.

In-House business Consultant

In-House business consultant supporting leading teams in strategy challenges and in transversal projects.

Workshops and trainings

Moderator and coach in Coaching by Values and Leadership by Values aligning People’s Values and Organisational Values to achieve better results.
Business Consulting should be A White Canvas

Business Consulting should be A White Canvas

A Company and its People: A new Canvas every day A White Canvas. To me, the company, the organisation is like Nature, where seasons, colours and textures change depending on the moon: she that all changes but gives meaning to all. Imagine the company as a white canvas...

Communication or Organisation? whats the issue?

Communication or Organisation? whats the issue?

DO YOU HAVE AN INTERNAL COMMUNICATION PROBLEM or…? "My employees talk, they meet, there are good vibes, they have coffee together but they do not achieve goals, I do not see them focused or centered ... I DO NOT UNDERSTAND ... what can I do?" What's going on? What if...

Who do I add Value to?

With 30+ years experience in multinational companies of different sectors such as Automotive, Chemical, Hotel & Leisure, Distribution and Retail, I can contribute with experience, knowledge and Hands-On solutions to any company that is going through a transformation or change process.


Where do I add value?



  • Accountability over results
  • Practical and sustainable solutions
  • Process innovation through people & talent
  • Management of Change and Transformation processes
  • Team management through Values and Value Alignment
  • Support in transversal teams and projects

Vision. Mission.

My Vision:

Enjoy every day creating, innovating and adding value with simple, extraordinary and sustainable solutions that contribute to the world´s wellbeing.

My Mission:

I want to create value for my clients, colleagues, family and friends. Stimulate and motivate through Ideas, Creativity and Innovation, Simplification, Talent, and ultimately Results.

Consulting Packs

Pack "Solutions NOW"

External business consulting services to support executives and leaders. Identifying blocking elements and proposing projects to meet challenges and reach objectives.

Estimated duration 10 days

Pack "Innovation, Transformation and Change"

Consultoria interna para identificar y gestionar proyectos de innovación o cambio, incrementales o disruptivos.

Duración mínima 10 días. 

Pack "Leadership by Values"

Analysis of the situation and business strategy, from value identification to leadership by values.

Estimated duration 5 days.

Do It.

Introduce change.

Move Forward.

We live and breathe in a VUCA environment where Tribes of Millenials and Z´s, hybrids in gender, etnia and religion, with different beliefs, roots and cultures transform our rules and habits at an incredible speed.

We have to find a way of satisfying these consumers, giving them value, through different or changed business models, from products and services to provices and serducts that keep their attention. Knowing them, understanding them and translating their needs into opportunities, has to become part of our daily routine.

Don´t wait.
Start the Challenge and Change today!

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