Objectives and Key Results: Find the Solution, not the Problem!

Find the Solution not the Problem. You will be happier!

Good friends were sharing this weekend and saying  “you have such a bunch of valuable ideas !!” And after thinking about it, I answered that it was not because I know more or experienced more, it’s because I practice daily the search for solutions, that’s my passion and my job, when I listen or identify a problem, I challenge it, and I start cooking, with the following recipe.

My Melting Pot:

  • The Challenge
  • Strategy and Objectives
  • Learned experience
  • Commonsense y
  • Sense of Humour

These ingredients invariably always work because there is a genuine interest in looking for a solution and the focus is only on the challenge. The process is very easy and as always when you practice  regularly, it becomes a habit to think of solutions to issues.

Looking for the Ingredients

If one does not have all ingredients, we must find alliances, experience, more commonsense, and above all use sense of humour, that can support us; the solution is there, until we see it or imagine it or someone makes us aware of it, and adds value to us. In our professional environment, bring out the projects that have potential that have not seen the light, give possibilities to those that have shown no talent up to date and that ask for an opportunity, clean shelves and offices of old stuff, paper and dust, refresh our views and listen actively to our colleagues, suppliers, and clients.

Our Talent, a generous present to others.

We have so much to learn from others, ingredients to take to our solution melting pot….and every lesson contributes to our personal talent and skill growth. I never get tired of my belief that if we put to serve our Talent to serving others, we will have a more complete and satisfactory life as we will feel more content. We will also create the boomerang effect and will find Positiveness and Wellbeing around us.  

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