My services

Business Consulting, interim management and Leadership by Values
With Talent Management, Innovation and Simplification

Interim management

Temporary or partial replacement of key management positions in the organization. Project management.

External consultant

Ad hoc Consulting, project management,  excubation projects, quick expert advice.

In-House Consultant

In-House consultant supporting leading teams in strategy challenges and in transversal projects.

Workshops and trainings

Moderator and coach in Coaching by Values and Leadership by Values aligning People’s Values and Organisational Values.

Interim Management

When suddenly in the organisation you are left with the Marketing Plan or a Business Plan outstanding, Budgets unfinished, Cost Breakdowns or Pricing to be defined, or even transversal projects that need leadership and team motivation, Interim Management could be your solution.

My business experience in team leadership and organisation, boards of directors and executive positions, gives me that competitive advantage of being able to analyse and situate myself quickly into the needs of the organisation and the position, and manage resources efficiently.

As an Interim Manager I satisfy a role and a position for the time and scope that is necessary without having to incur staff costs.

External Consulting

External Consulting is recommended when there are many challenges and the environment is particularly ambiguous and volatile, quick decisions need to be taken and the organisation does not want to incur into fixed staff costs.

An external consultant can listen, analyse, compare and propose a business strategy and action plans,  with a global perspective.

The role of the consultant is specially interesting in incubation projects (start-ups within the company) and excubation projects, where the Project is developed outside of the organisation to avoid disruption (as a new development or a launch).

In this case, when the Project has been developed outside, the consultant hands over the responsibility to the organisation and may also assist in the implementation and follow up.

In-House Consulting

In-House business consulting is the most hands-on, the consultant works within as one more of the team, understanding the implicit and explicit organisation, improving processes and obtaining measurable and sustainable results with direct leadership and management.

To me, this is the most positive and productive collaboration scheme. However, it is of utmost importance that the role of the consultant is well explained within the organisation to achieve desired results..

The difference with Interim Management that replaces or complements a key position during a predetermined time, In-house consulting can be applied to several projects and several challenges at the same time and has no formal “position” in the Company.

Workshops & Trainings

I am certified by Coaching by Values @SimonDolan and Leadership by Values @Simon Dolan, and I apply the methodology to companies and organisations.

I am also a speaker and moderator of CxV and LxV in Valkiria Hubspace and Valkiria Institute for Futures, in Barcelona22@Network.

This methodology is based on self-understanding and self-leadership as engines to a satisfactory and conscient wellbeing as individuals and and as an interactive part of a whole.

We always start from the search and analysis of our fundamental values and we look for the alignment of our own values to those of our surrounding environment.

It is extremely useful in the management and design of working teams where the diversity of Values generates the best environment for innovation and result optimisation.

How do I work?


In the first phase, FREE, I meet the board of Directors, we comment the situation, the objectives, the possible success stoppers, and the bottle necks.

We explore and agree the scope of work. I present a diagnosis or a situation analysis and we consense steps forward.


Action Plans

After the first phase, I propose different Action Plans depending on final objectives, and the best system and applied methodology taking the resources available into account.

The Action Plans could be based in Innovation, Change, Project management, collaborative or collective intelligence teams including if relevant start ups..


Whatever the Challenge, the planning for the execution of the Action Plans will be agreed and approved with the leaders, and measurable KPIs compromised and the step by step implementation agreed and approved by management.

The process will be Transparent, Shared and Realistic.

My Consulting Packs

Further down, you will find my most popular consulting packs. The packs may be modified and are adaptable to your business requirements. Just contact me and we will find the perfect solution to your company.

Pack Strategic Consulting online | 10 hour Voucher

Online strategic consulting. We may hold our meetings by phone, email or Skype.

The consulting online could be relevant to any phase of the business or any relevant topic and will be equally confidential.

More information
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Pack Leadership by Values | 5 days

This pack gives a first tool kit to Management to align the Values in the company.

  1. Conversation with leaders and managers
  2. Understanding current situation and business strategy
  3. Analysis of perceived Values, declared Values and group Values of the teams
  4. Comment with management and leaders the result of the Value alignment and the impact of the result.
More information
After the first phase of the Value Alignment (included in the pack) it is recommended to work on a follow up second phase that helps implement the alignment of Values in the company as a sustainable compromise within the company.

  • Strategy to align Values and create a “happy” and “productive” environment.
  • Individual and Collective Action Plans
  • Identification of the “Value Champion” for every identified Value so that the exercise is sustainable.
  • Follow the process and adapt with received feedback.

Follow up after this phase at 400€/day, it is recommended a minimum of 4 days.  

Pack Solutions NOW | 10 days

External Consulting to support Management and Leaders. Identify success limitations and blockers.

  1. Conversations with Management and Leaders
  2. Identification of current limitations and success blockers
  3. Proposals for project management or/and project teams to address 2)
  4. Implementation and Follow up of KPIs with internal teams.
More information
The estimated duration of this service is of 10 complete days (included in the PACK)

Follow up after this phase at 400€/day, it is recommended a minimum of 4 days.  

Pack Innovation, transformation and Change | 10 days

This pack is for In-House Consulting, where for a certain time and scope I am part of the organisation’s team. The minimum duration is 10 days. The duration to be decided by Management with measurable Objectives and Goals.   

More information
  1. Conversations with Management and Leaders
  2. Understand the need for Innovation, Change and/or Transformation
  3. Analysis of teams and processes
  4. Proposal to Management/Owners/Institution of the Strategy to follow
  5. Establish scope and planning
  6. Establish the right transversal teams leaders of change
  7. Be sponsor of these teams
  8. Regular KPI follow up and reporting

The fee for this PACK includes the first 10 days. Following days will be charged at 400€ / day.

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