Maria Ireland

Strategic Business Consultant 360º

I am a Business Consultant with Values and 30 years of succesful management experience, exceeding targets.

My Story


I am an economist, MBA Executive of BI Handelshoyskole, Oslo. I speak 6 languages and am certified as Coach x Values and Leader x Values in 2018 (@Simon Dolan). From 2004 my base is Gerona, Spain.

I dedicate my knowledge and experience in multinationals to contribute, support, and implement solutions in all size companies.

The Common Thread in my Story is continuous learning and development of leadership and management skills.

  • I started to work in Norway in Norsk Hydro thereafter Elf Aquitaine, as Cost and Planning Engineer in Oil & Gas platforms.
  • In Germany, Purchaser in Volkswagen within worldwidePurchasing & Product Optimisation;
  • In United Kingdom, in Currie & Brown as Senior Project Manager for the Hotel Division
  • In Spain, I started in SEAT as Investment Manager, then PPG Ibérica as Sales Director and Armacell Iberia as CFO, Finance and Administration Manager.
  • In Ireland, Norway and Scotland, I was partner and European responsible for Production, Purchasing and Distribution of fish and seafood to the wholesale markets of Spain, France and Italy.
  • In 2018, I established myself as a Strategic Business Consultant offering solutions and Value to my clients, among others: Frit Ravich, Casa Westfalia, Valkiria HUBspace, Transportes Codina, RGB Audiovisual, Agirac2005.

I am passionate about the business world. It is my Vocation.

Benefits to my clients

Benefit 1 - Opportunities

I introduce concrete, simple and measurable proposals to reduce, eliminate or transform pains into short, medium and long term opportunities. To do so, I analyse the organisation, processes, the financial data and KPIs, studying the smalldata.

Benefit 2 - Wellbeing

I increase theprofitabilityand wellbeing in work places, matching and aligning the people to talent and positions. I analyse the optimal organisation for the achievement of objectives: KPIs, critical paths, priorities and use of time and resources.

Benefit 3 - Net Profit

Targets and Direct Impact in the Profit and Loss account. Through transversal projects with Objectives and KPIs, that are doable, clear, concrete, measurable and impact in the Profit & Loss account of the company.

I help companies to be proactive and “Make things Happen” not “Wait for them to Happen”.

My Methodology

My Methodology consists in identifying the origin of pain points in the company, support and contribute with transversal solutions to the processes that could be limiting its growth and development.

Methodologies adapted to the client´s challenges:

  • Coaching x Values: to look into Communication, Organisation and Leadership.
  • Leadership by Values: introducing Self-knowledge, Self-Leadership and Leadership of teams.
  • Business Canvas: for Business Model analysis
  • La Marel©: own methodology, developed with Veronique Barlagne (Baruch Consulting) to resolve cultural and generational conflicts in the teams.

The most Important challenge for me is to reach profitable and sustainable solutions for my client that give wellbeing to the people, organisation and ecosystem.

What do clients say about me?

My recent publications

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