Coaching by Values

Coaching by Values – A Strong Decision Making Tool

From Real Case application I would like to share with you how Coaching by Values helps decision making in a Company and-  in your life.

We use the methodology developed by Simon Dolan which consists in 51 card, 3 jokers and the Value of Values card: TRust. The cards are very visual using a Lion to reflect the Fundamental Value and gaming, that as we all know, is a great awakener of imagination and creativity and an ice breaker in meetings or groups.

As a “Coach by Values” one always starts with the fundamental values of the individual. We choose 5 of the 51 cards each time. It can be done individually or in group. Each round you must leave one card and pick a new one. Each round it becomes more difficult to choose a Fundamental VAlue and one must also defend why the value leaves or stays. The chosen values can be those you want to have, those you desire, those you have had……in this period of your life.

At the end you have 5 values in front of you. The next step is to prioritise them. As an example you may see mine:

  • Wellness/Health – Green
  • Respect – Blue
  • Creativity – Green
  • Innovation – Green
  • Flexibility – Red

If we are in a Group, we would then work the Aggregated Values of the Group. As the individual Fundamental Values, we would find the 5 Values of the Group. And if there was a Challenge, for example making our company grow, the group would look for the 5 values that best would lead us to achieve that result. And once the 5 values were identified, we could put Plans of Action towards achieving the Objective of the Challenge bearing in mind the 5 chosen Values by the individual, by the Group and by the Company.

It is very important to have a Leader. If it’s yourself, you need to be a Self Leader. If it’s a Group, a Leader of the Tribe and in the Company a Champion of the Value. Each Leader honours and protects a Value and assures that all 5 Values are represented.

And how does knowing my Values helps me? How does honouring them helps me to make right decisions as an individual and as a Leader?

First we need to understand the colour of the Fundamental Values (later in further Blogs I will explain further) Green is on the EMOTION Axis, Blue is on the ATTITUDES Axis and Red is on the PRAGMATISM-SKILLS Axis.

My Values for example are 60% GREEN, 20% BLUE y 20% RED. First Wellness , Green, Emotions, the Respect, Blue, I need to feel respected and be respected.

Which means to me that any decision I make has to be aligned with my Values. If you don’t know your Values, and you make wrong decisions, you will feel STRESS. Stress Situations arrive when you and your Values are not aligned with your environment either personal or professional.

It is also very important to embrace Value diversity. As a Leader one needs to have all Values and the 3 Axis: Emotions, Attitudes and Skills represented in a Group, as diversity will bring plurality and open minds and creativity.

From the Fundamental VAlues we can work the Group Values. And from these we can work the Company Values. And from them, we can focus on Objectives and on really transversal projects.

Values will help us make decisions, which meeting to attend, which priority to have, whom to meet, who to listen, when to do what and specially is it important to my Objective? Self Knowledgement and Self Leadership leads to Collective Knowledge and Collective Leadership.

To be a good leader, we must ne coherent, consistent and consequent. And to get there we must know our Fundamental Values. From this base we will know ourselves and recognise our teams. Sometimes, A small change in your habits, in your routine, in your environment, will make a before and after from Stress to Wellbeing for you and your teams.

I invite you to reflect, to incorporate Values to your Life, to recognise Stress and manage it, With the above tools, it’s easy to do. Let’s be owners of our Lifes, of our Values and become even better leaders!

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.27.4″ text_text_color=”#000000″ text_font_size=”18px” _i=”1″ _address=”″]Identify your Values and incorporate them to your private and professional life.

If you live according to your values, you will reduce your stress and you will increase your wellbeing.

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