Communication or Organisation? whats the issue?


“My employees talk, they meet, there are good vibes, they have coffee together but they do not achieve goals, I do not see them focused or centered … I DO NOT UNDERSTAND … what can I do?”

What’s going on?

What if it is not a communication problem? More and more often, I am finding in my clients a red thread that ends in the phrase “there is no communication”.

However what I see is that the root of the problem is not internal communication but the lack of PURPOSE and ORGANIZATION of the work around it.

Do your employees know the PURPOSE of the company?

If People are not clear about what is expected of them, they might even carry out tasks that are not their responsibility or even master, and do not reach goals due to ignorance, lack of priorities, lack of focus on purpose.

Their Objectives must be accepted, adapted and adopted by them, if not, they will not be met. And for this to happen, there must be first PURPOSE and then ORGANIZATION.

Has the ORGANIZATION been designed to take on the PURPOSE? Do we have the right Talent and resources?

Companies with internal communication problems are usually SMEs that have grown almost by inertia, without an approach to short, medium and long-term needs responding to the market. And without an explicit organization.

Family owned SMEs normally grow organically and without a stated PURPOSE. The founder had or has the Vision of the company but behind him / her, who collects and adapts this Vision? And above all, is it a shared Vision?

Generally, the successors, family members or acquaintance enter the company with or without relevant studies; they start from the bottom of the organization, they assume several roles and in the end they fit into a role that seems appropriate at that moment and time without further review.

In most cases there is no training plan or a personal development plan based on the identification of critical tasks and associated talent to achieve goals.

The company grows, responsibilities are diluted, tasks increase, and priorities are set in the short term all leading to organization of work and the organization itself to weaken.

The organization is losing productivity. The talent is scattered; there are people working at 20% and people working at 120%, the effort is not rewarded, sick leave increases, and net productivity falls.

Many things are done, but we don’t do them well.

And it is assumed that there is an internal communication problem.

When you tell me about the communication problem, I ask you: What organization do you need to reach your purpose and OBJECTIVES?

I propose this solution:

  • Define your Purpose, COMMUNICATE
  • Define your business objectives, COMMUNICATE
  • Review the job descriptions, COMMUNICATE
  • Grant responsibilities, COMMUNICATE
  • Define critical tasks, COMMUNICATE
  • and without a doubt, Set the priorities to reach Objectives and COMMUNICATE.

These steps are essential for the PRODUCTIVITY of the employee and company to prosper.

We will then speak one language: Purpose, function, responsibility, priority, objectives.

And to paraphrase Gary Keller in ONLY ONE THING, “personal productivity is the cornerstone of all business profit”

¡¡Internal Communication flows when we speak the same “Purpose”!!

¡¡Rewind and reorganise your team for the future!!

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