Business Strategy post COVID – Different Angles

In these turbulent times that are lived as the phases of a duel, with stress, anger, frustration and acceptance, a similar emotion has come to my mind when I saw the sculpture HODE (Head) that is in Eggum, Lofoten, Norway. Artist: Markus Raetz, Switzerland, 1992-1998.

When I saw it, I looked at it, I touched it, I lived it, it caused me a feeling of inner emptiness, euphoria, anxiety, infinite beauty, ecstasy and also Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.

The same emotions that I live at this moment before the new Change to the Next Normality. And I want to experience all these emotions as unique, thank them, learn from them and adopt them for a new and better world.

This sculpture changes shape and shows 16 different head shapes as you stroll around it. From one point of view it looks like a classic head, and from another angle it looks like an upside-down head passing in between multiple compositions of indescribable beauty.

If @Markus Raetz has been able to create this multitude of ways of looking at the same object, it would be wonderful if we also learned to look at humans in multiple ways with more empathy and inclusivity.

We have been slow to react, but we have done and we have already Adapted.

Now we must Adopt the changes and Act in a better way than before; with the Values ​​of Solidarity, Empathy and Equity that the COVID19 process has left us with.

¡Let’s ADOPT new habits NOW!! ¡¡Let’s show EMPATHY and share and collaborate!!

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