The Value of Values in Business Strategy


My blog is inspired by this photograph of Muriel C. de Jong (LI / Web) –

Muriel C. de Jong

These six eggs, each unique but united in their Element, have inspired me to remember six Essential Values ​​in team management and business strategy in general.


Each egg is different, both aesthetically and in its weight in the photograph. Diversity unites from its own heterogeneity. It unites in a common project and is the number 1 factor in Innovation. Innovation is born from diversity. From multidisciplinary teams and multicultural people. Because each of them contributes from their perception of themselves, their origins, what they have learned and what they have experienced, their failures and their successes. A team, even though it is more difficult to manage and align, is an infinite source of inspiration.


Do you see the simplicity of the forms, the alignment of the components, the structure of the action? Let’s think like this when we have a difficult challenge ahead; Let’s keep it simple, break down the issues, think carefully about how to communicate, and communicate and structure the next steps well. The message will be consistent, coherent and compelling.


Serendipity. Nothing happens by chance. I believe in causality, not chance. These eggs are not in their position by chance but by causality; their weight, their volume, the homogeneity of the support, make them balance in one way or another …. and so is our daily management with people and circumstances (VUCA) Volatile, Uncertain, Ambiguous, and Complex. Every day we experience unexpected emotional reactions, whether positive or negative, and we must also be able to empathize and channel the emotions and reactions of the rest of the team with empathy and seek the common goal.


The beauty of this photo brings us well-being. Beauty and Well-being go hand in hand and it is an undeniable Value. The beauty that we appreciate through our senses, and also the beauty in our own and others’ acts, the beauty contained in beautiful words, the beauty in that moment of intuition, the beauty of that flower on the desk … Beauty inspires well-being , peace, inspiration, creativity, innovation…. And beauty is also contagious. If we appreciate beauty and verbalize or materialize it, we spread it to our environment and motivate positively.


I see respect in this composition; Let us observe the light and studied space between the eggs, as if they were respectfull; the same respect that we must maintain for ourselves and for others. Respect must be present in our life in all areas of it, from respect for the planet to respect for the person who opens the door for us. Everyone of us needs to respect ourselves, respect others and be respected. Respect implies equity, empathy, justice, honor, values ​​that are the DNA of a good leader.


Let’s look at each egg. In the composition, the six eggs are unique, with singular elements that make them different, but they belong to the same look. Each one takes its place by causality, not by chance. And also its position is causal, it is an equation between its weight, volume and support. This is how professional teams have to compose themselves. Let’s look at people. Each one must “explode” their talent, be able to feel singular while they also belong to a high-performance team. As Sir Ken Robinson defines in his book The Element, we are in our element “when we do what we know how to do, in the environment where we do it best, and enjoy ourselves while doing it”.

Enjoy this exquisite and sensitive composition by Muriel C. de Jong, and I invite you to reflect on the Values ​​of Diversity, Simplicity, Causality, Beauty, Respect and Singularity that must be present every day as leaders and team leaders.

Your Values will leave a deeper footprint than yourself!

And you will be a happier person!!

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