Business Consulting should be A White Canvas

A Company and its People: A new Canvas every day

A White Canvas. To me, the company, the organisation is like Nature, where seasons, colours and textures change depending on the moon: she that all changes but gives meaning to all.

Imagine the company as a white canvas where plants grow, flower, fade and where the tree blossoms without noticing or where fruit falls after the rain…and where each one plays a role in the whole and without any one of them a miracle would not happen, as in business: no success, no profitability, no benefit.

In a company, each person that is part of it, is sensitive to mood changes and external and internal circumstances that are unknown to us, but change their behaviour and performance.

Its us, leaders and teams, that must find the link to share and develop Talent above these circumstances. The team can decide which paint to use, what colours are best and what texture depending on the final objective of the artwork and the performance of the players.

The Vision is the main actor in this painting; from the Vision to the Mission we can bring people and their circumstances together and they will walk towards the same Objective making it theirs, independent of their personal situation.

Without the Vision and the Mission, the organisation is only independent people, getting together at work, that are moved by own objectives and their own feelings and circumstances, without the colective belonging value that joins and builds a sustainable and profitable company.

Nature is the greatest teacher, a major success case; It explains how all has its WHY? and its WHAT FOR?. It gives one Vision and puts it in context; it teaches one to see the differences and to recognise the role of every small plant or living creature. It helps me as a Business Consultant to establish priorities and distinguish between urgent and important, symptoms, signs and causes.

Nature fills my life with content. People give content to the company, not the opposite way round.

I invite you to listen, smell, taste, touch and feel. When we include our senses in our lives, Values come to life that help us become better leaders, better professionals and better people.

¡People are people and their circumstances!

¡¡You too!!


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