Sales Strategy, Is it increasingly difficult to sell?

Is it increasingly difficult to sell? Can’t find your project?


“Netcafés”are your solution!

¡Swap selling for offering! ¡Trade talking for listening! Change “I am” to “I feel”!! !

In 2018 I had to reinvent myself and start over. I designed my own methodology that can help you: strict, disciplined and very enriching: I called it “Net cafés.

They are coffees that lead to another café, and another and another with the Objetive of weaving a NET (= Net Café) that you have to weave and maintain like a fisherman’s net. It will bring you human warmth, experience, knowledge and many professional and personal rewards.

The “Net cafés” are one more type of relationship marketing; relationships take precedence over results. Its Objective is to establish a relationship and a conversation: about the market situation, problems, solutions, ideas, trends, anecdotes, etc. … to comment, listen and learn from each other. The basis of the Net cafés”is Trust, the Value of Values.


WHY the “Net café”:

The Net café was born from the need to relate, to get a job or a sales objective, to learn about something or to share an experience, an idea or a project.

You ask for a coffee to someone you TRUST. Someone who you know appreciates you and is generous with their time and knowledge and experience.

Those who order a coffee share their concerns, listen, learn, open their mind to the other and are humble enough to consider what they have learned, implement ideas and connect with another Net café in order to start weaving the network. It is not about selling, it´s about sharing and contributing.

The Net café is a mutual act of trust, generosity and interest in the other person. And the“feedback”to the originator of the contact is essential as progress is made in the Network.


HOW the “Net café”:

The process:

  1. Write the name of 10 people that will say YES to a Net café. From your past experience, present, from your fellow students, from your close circle of friends. Someone who you admire and who respects you..
  2. Call each person and explain that you would like to share your concerns over a coffee. It is not about SELLING. It is about learning and sharing mutual concerns, projects and ideas.
  3. You talk about what worries you, what you would like to do, how you are doing it and you open up to their point of view, their knowledge, their experience. No CV, no brochures.
  4. The more diverse your sectors are, the better, the more you can learn and the more you can contribute to the other.
  5. Between the two of you and over a good coffee, you weave the web of trust to open up and be honest.
  6. TheCall to Action is that a new contact arises for a Net caféthat you add to your 10, and that you can call giving their reference.

WHAT is a Netcafé:

The What is the smile, the handshake, the time that has passed in a minute, the taste in the mouth of friendship, complicity and trust.

¿And the result? one, two or three more Coffees to call to. Because when sharing, ideas, people, contacts, projects arise that find common areas and that can be interesting for both parties, together or separately.

From there, new contacts (referrals) are added to your list for a Net café”. If you design a strict work schedule, you can make two Net coffees a day, or about 10 a week.

Your first 10 contacts can quadruple in a month and also your personal and professional development..

Each Net café adds tools, anecdotes, experiences that you can in turn share with the next Net caféas you build your own new network and links.

Try it, you will not be asking for a job, or project, or money, you will be contributing, listening, sharing and creating value for your coffee companion; and at the same time, you learn to sell yourself better.

They will always say YES to a Net Café!

¡¡I encourage you to try it! ¡And if you want, I can be your first “Net café“! ! !

¡They will always say YES to a Net Café!

¡Try! ¡Ask for a Net Café!

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