Beyond Human – Collective Intelligence

Beyond Human – Beyond humans.

In this blog post I present you the Congress on Collective Intelligence that I am leading, co-developed by Valkiria Hubspace Barcelona, ​​Global Future of Work Foundation and Esade Forum on March 26 and 27 in Barcelona. The Congress touches on a transcendental issue today in our lives and in our future of work and personal growth. Beyond Human, Beyond individuals. Virtual assistants, intelligent machines, chat bots, factories without personnel and applications based on Artificial Intelligence are entering business, production, logistics and in general the houses of consumers. Businesses move Beyond Human, and we are relying more and more on opportunities for sustainable growth beyond just People. There is still no total confidence or total access, but robots are entering our lives to support our well-being, convenience and comfort.
Robots are entering our lives to support our well-being, convenience and comfort.
Robots will replace tasks and repetition, not jobs or humans. From now on, robots and humans will sit next to each other. The industrial world will be the biggest engine of robot adoption because it is suffering with an aging society and an increasing workforce.

Robotics directed by artificial intelligence

With the experience of maturing algorithms and intelligent machines, robotics directed by Artificial Intelligence is a very powerful tool to achieve precise automation and avoid human risks in a wide range of industrial situations, especially production, assembly and logistics. Consumer acceptance is crucial for the adoption of new behaviors such as talking to virtual assistants, such as Alexa, or allowing children to play with Ubtech’s Alpha Mini. Robots have been in our lives since the 1960s. What makes these generation 4.0 robots so different? The most important thing is the use of AI in them that is the engine of development. Robots are used mostly in industrial applications but more and more we see robots in front of the consumer and present in our daily lives. And also think of virtual robots like Alexa, Siri and chatbots with which we are connected, from our online purchases to online consumer services, without realizing it! The biggest challenge of robots facing the consumer is not the Hardware but the Software behind. Creating software that acts as a human interface is the heart of the Beyond Human trend. Google, Alexa, Nvidia and other titans are trying to replicate the human language process. What is clear is that the future is here and the Collective Intelligence that is the interaction People – intelligent machines – People will be more powerful and more enriching than any individual intelligence. We have to interact and start thinking about this Future that is already present. Collective Intelligence.
Collective Intelligence 2030 is here!
Humans and/or Robots? (

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